Network Smart

The Online School & Community That Teaches You How to Network Smarter, Not Harder

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Network Smart is a virtual school and community.

Network Smart is about helping people understand what it truly means to Network. There has been a huge disconnect between the Millennial Generation, X-Generation & the Baby Boomers. Networking means you must learn how to become valuable to a company or person by connecting on a deeper level & learning how to articulate. 

By creating a community that is in alignment with your brand, you will be able to navigate, approach, & maintain relationships in your chosen profession and/or industry.

Someone who is ready to become an Entrepreneur in the Entertainment Industry, not just an Artist.

You must be willing to get out of your Comfort Zone & let go of what currently isn't working.

Ready for an Accountability partner & Ready to let go of making Excuses.

Someone who has the "I WANT to do this" mentality, is ready to do ALL the homework and put ALL the work in that goes behind it.


This course will help you understand your Brand & how to navigate your Industry. While equipping you with the ability to connect with Mentors, Celebrities, Executives & Professionals Behind the Scenes that fall in alignment with your brand.

On-demand Video Lessons (Network Smart's Core Online Video Class)

Virtual Masterminds (Monthly)

Virtual Summits (Quarterly)

Accountability Sessions (Weekly)

Additional interviews and teachings every month from Andria and guest.


Your Mentor

Andria Schultz knew she wanted to pursue a path to Hollywood at the age of 8, she proclaimed to her family her goal of becoming the CEO of Disney. She soon ventured out to Hollywood where she learned from Mentors and worked on television shows including, Your Family Matters, America's Funniest Home Videos, The Real Daytime, Disney Channel's Bizaardvark and NCIS.

From there, Andria found her passion of helping other Millennial's get into the Entertainment Industry and this self-discovery began her road into Entrepreneurship as CEO/Founder of Network Smart, as well as, an active contributor for Influencive and Manager to Dynamic EDM duo MaWayy, Donnell Turner on ABC's General Hospital & Joanna Pearl. Andria has interviewed Celebrities, Executives, & Professionals Behind the Scenes to help Millennials better understand what it takes to get into Hollywood. She is dedicated to motivating people of all ages to go for their dreams without fear of rejection.

FAQs & Common Excuses

EXCUSE: "I don't live in Hollywood, so I can't get started, make it, or network"

TRUTH:  Hollywood is wherever you want it to be. The industry is changing and moving to different parts of the world & online. You do not need to be in "LA" to make it. 

EXCUSE: "I don't have the capital"

TRUTH: If you are truly ready to pursue your dreams, you must invest in yourself. 

EXCUSE: "I'm not good enough to talk to someone with a higher status"

TRUTH: Everybody is created equal & it doesn't matter what your status is in your industry. What matters is your ability to understand how you are of value. 

EXCUSE: "I don't have enough experience" 

TRUTH: It's about proclaiming who you are and want to become & acquiring the experience as you go to build your credibility. 

EXCUSE: "I don't really know what I am passionate about and what to go for... I want to do it all"

TRUTH: People will always come to me and tell me that they want to do MANY things. It doesn't mean that you can't do it all, however, it's about creating the foundation to allow you to open more doors as your go. 

QUESTION: "Can I do this course at my own pace?" 

ANSWER: Absolutely-- Everyone is going to be at different levels OR pursuing different parts of their industry. The best thing that you can do for yourself is allow room for patience. This isn't a race, it's a marathon. 

QUESTION:"Do I have to attend every class?" 

ANSWER: Honestly, I would like everyone to join every class, so you can learn from different parts of the industry. It's important to have knowledge about each area of this profession.